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Pioneer SF-70

Hi-Fi vintage crossover Pioneer SF-70

This crossover is one of the best in the world, among crossovers. Therefore, it is not time or distance that has power over it.

Our choice is an understanding that status items are right for you. Your choice is to allow us to realize your possession.

Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption 2W (rate), 6VA

Dimensions Width 300 mm x height 115 mm x depth 254 mm

Weight 4.1kg

Price ¥33,000 (1969 year)

Made in Japan

Our price 320 USDT ($)

For international buy online, visit please our international site: buy-online.biz

More info here: Audio-database.com

vintage Hi-Fi crossover Pioneer SF-70

vintage Hi-Fi crossover Pioneer SF-70