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Here you can not only buy (without taxes) but also exchange goods.

You can bay and order delivery of any goods by contacting us via WhatsApp or Viber.

(Your order processing hours may not match your time zone.)

Please contact us to clarify the product you are interested in in your region and the possibilities of payment, exchange, delivery and receipt.

It will be possible to pay for the order after clarifying all the details of delivery, and the configuration of the goods.

All goods you can purchase without taxes in accordance with international maritime law and international human rights law (we supply goods to you as for your personal use, but do not limit any of your rights to use).

Payment is made at the USDT cryptocurrency (stablecoin) rate, but you can offer any other type of exchange: any other cryptocurrencies, fiat money, things, information and other products of human labor. (preferably cryptocurrency)

Convenient monitoring of reliable crypto exchangers with exchange rates: BestChange.com.

Also, we can often buy for you rare, exotic and not presented on our website goods in another part of the world and deliver them to you (or arrange delivery). Write us a message and indicate which goods and where you would like to receive.

(Note: our principles forbid us from dealing in drugs, and we also do not accept orders related to the slave trade, organs, weapons, poisons and explosives.)

We reserve to you your rights regarding the markings and names of the shipment. We can repack your cargo, disguise it and much more. (You can find out about all this from our staff.)

There is very little that is impossible for us - this is our profile and difference from our other colleagues (shops and merchants).

Our law is confidentiality. (like a doctor who has no right to tell anyone what he has learned from you. If you decide that you need confidentiality, let us know, and not a single court in the world can force us to give out even part of the information on two reasons: 1). Because as soon as you inform us about the receipt of your goods, all information about this will be permanently deleted. 2). Each of our employees is an Anarchist Warrior, accustomed to defeating all systems of surveillance, terror, violence and lies.)

Our principles:

Conscience (not slippery state laws for lying)

Justice (not corrupt, biased courts)

Merchant's honor (rather than advertising promotion of the brand)


For us, agorism is adequate, sincere and honest. It is fair for society and life-affirming for humanity.