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Akai GX-646

Vintage hi-fi Open-reel deck Akai GX-646

This Open-reel deck is one of the best in the world, among Open-reel decks. Therefore, it is not time or distance that has power over it.

Our choice is an understanding that status items are right for you. Your choice is to allow us to realize your possession.

The high-class recording-play open deck which carried EE position, and it corresponded to EE tape, and also aimed at the peak of the sound mechanism.

Truck system Four two truck stereo system

Reel 26 form (No. 10)

Magnetic tape velocity 19 cm/s (±0.8%), 9.5 cm/s (±1.0%)

Head GX recording head x2

GX playback head x2

Erasing head x2

Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption 75W

Option Wired remote control RC-21

Dimensions Width 440 mm x height 483 mm x depth of 256mm

Weight 21kg

Made in Japan

Price: GX-646:¥185,000(1981 year) GX-646BL:¥189,000(1981 year)

Our price 1700 USDT ($)

For international buy online, visit please our international site: buy-online.biz

More info here: Audio-database.com

vintage hi-fi Open-reel deck Akai GX-646

vintage hi-fi Open-reel deck Akai GX-646